Dachshund Kaninchen smooth haired, our Male and Female

Dachshund Kaninchen smooth haired Male

Cyberdachs mini Q-Vadis

Cyberdachs mini Q-Vadis

Dachshund Kaninchen smooth haired Female

Kurzebeine Ms Von Bright Moonlit Night

bassotto kaninchen

Clarinette d'Amour Klara Difino

Clarinette d'Amour Klara Difino


Gazania bassotto kaninchen

Desideria dell'Antica Torre

Kaninchen nero focato

The kaninchen dachshund is the smallest size of the dachshunds according to the FCI standard, considering the chest circumference of up to 30 cm. In the dachshunds there are 3 varieties of hair: smooth hair, wired hair, long hair.