About us

About us

The passion for Dachshund comes from the need to find a dog that is small but at the same time strong and a friend for my family. So my first female dachshund arrived and with her I felt in love, in fact, soon after Icarus arrived, my male, and with him we approached the world of show dog. In my little, after I compared with breeders and after I understood what wanted, I started my long way taht now is just beginning and I hope that anyone who follows me will grow with me and with my dachshunds.

Our litters

Principally we have puppies for ourselves for show dog passion. The puppies are welcome, care for and grow up in the best way. We have about 1 or 2 litters per year . The puppies after had weaned to begin the socializing both with other adult dogs, in particular with our children. They do very important role because they play with puppies, so they familiarize themself with noises and people.

Our mission

Our mission is to have dachshund in line with the FCI strandard and in good health, keeping the characteristics that we like most and above all donate to every person who entrusts us with dachshund with a balanced character and that will be a great life partner.

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