Dachshund care, how to take care of our little friend

Dachshund care, how to take care of our little friend

The short-haired dachshund does not require special care and is very easy to clean, as having no undercoat is not demanding. I recommend to wash the dachshund only when it is dirty and it needs it, they are very clean dogs, but often they like to get dirty outsideā€¦ .. sometimes even a wet wipe, always at hand, solves the problem.

It is recommended to have the first bath after the vaccination cycle, if possible, to avoid health problems and to use a delicate product for puppies.

The diet in the dachshund is very important, it must be as balanced as possible and rich in proteins, do not make the dachshund get too fat.

In addition, the dachshund suffers from the cold and humidity, they are very cold dogs, our dogs love to get under the blankets in winter, in fact I recommend that you always leave them a blanket, but avoid coats during the walk that could compromise their self-regulation of the temperature.

Like all dogs it needs the classic vaccinations, the various prophylaxis for fleas, ticks and mosquitoes and if you want you can give supplements and enzymes to cycles. It is usually a very long-lived and healthy dog.

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